UPDATE! Check out our coverage and video of Susan Boyle at the O2 Center in Dublin... Click here

Irish fans will get the chance to see singing sensation Susan Boyle live in the flesh when the "Britain's Got Talent" live tour rolls into Dublin on June 30.

Though fatigue and stress have forced Boyle out of some "BGT" live tour dates this summer, the Scottish singing sensation is slated to sing at Dublin’s 02 Arena in Dublin next Tuesday night.

Boyle’s Irish roots are well documented, with both her parents coming from County Donegal, and she is bound to get a huge welcome from fans and family when she sets foot on Irish soil.

It has been a hectic and sometimes overwhelming few weeks for the "Britain's Got Talent" runner-up. The 48-year-old chanteuse spent five days in London’s’ Priory clinic being treated for exhaustion before starting the show's live tour, and she had to skip a gig last week in Liverpool on the advice of her medical counsel.

The Daily Mirror in England reported a witness at her hotel claiming the Scottish superstar was in some distress and “kept shouting 'I want my cat. I need my Pebbles.’ I think people felt sorry and she was clearly unhappy."

A spokesman for Boyle did not corroborate this version of events by saying: "She’s just tired. She has gone for a sleep and a bit of rest."

In other interesting Boyle-related news, the church worker certainly seems to be getting some sound financial advice (maybe from Ossie Kilkenny – see link above) as she now charges £100,000 for a 12-minute set, if any fan is rich enough to want to see the Scot sing at a private performance.

That works out at about $164,533.63, or $13,712, give or take, per minute’s work.

Considering that she currently performs two songs on the tour ("I Dreamed a Dream" and "Memory"), and presuming that a private performance would consist of the songs that have made her name world famous, Boyle might not even be singing for the whole dozen minutes.

Take your intro, musical interlude mid song (times two), intro to second song and a little bit of banter and you cut singing time right down to a few minutes.

Not bad work if you can get it, and certainly worth a few sleepless nights!

Fans in Ireland won't have to shell out all that cash if the singer performs next week on the "BGT" tour. Here’s hoping to see Susan shine in Dublin next week!