Susan Boyle will be over the moon now that her teenage idol Donny Osmond has won "Dancing with the Stars."

It marks a spectacular week for the Scottish songstress, who performed to a huge audience for the NBC "Today" show and released her best-selling album.

Her brother Gerry Boyle revealed several months ago how Osmond was her all-time favorite, and that she learned to sing by listening to his records.

Because she was slow in school and was shunned by others, Susan often withdrew into herself and singing along to Osmond in her room became her release.

Gerry Boyle recalls “Eventually she retreated into her own world. Music became her thing. When she was a girl she was obsessed with Donny Osmond.His posters were all over her walls. She would lock herself in her room and play the records over and over again singing along as loud as possible.

"It used to drive me mad when I would hear it start up the hundredth time. But our mum would say ‘Leave her alone, it’s all she’s got.'"

“Looking back now, I realize that was how she honed her skills, as she’d stand in front of the mirror in her bedroom for hours singing the songs until she’d achieved perfection.”

For his part, Osmond has long expressed his admiration for Boyle and his delight that she learned to sing by listening to his songs.

"I consider it an honor that Susan used my songs to learn how to sing," he said.

"Her success story is one that touches each one of us to be great against all odds."