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Will she? Won't she? Will Susan Boyle sing live on "Oprah" Monday? That's the big question today as it was revealed that the singing sensation has been banned from singing on the top-rated TV show.

"American Idol's" Simon Cowell, the host of the "Britain's Got Talent," has apparently banned Boyle, the daughter of Irish immigrants, from singing for Oprah.

Susan, 48, who will appear in a special episode of "Oprah" called "The World's Got Talent," has been gagged because Cowell wants to save her incredible singing for his own show.

However, insiders say it's unreasonable to ban someone from singing on a show with an audience the size of Oprah's.

"She'd be crazy not to sing," said a source. "This is one of the world's biggest shows. She should take her chance and run with it."

The "Oprah"special will feature acts from some of the 40 countries where the show is filmed.

Boyle, who rocketed to fame after a stunning performance on the British version of the show, has sung live on CNN for Larry King, but the "Oprah" show is bound to have a bigger audience.

She is marked down to give a tour of her home in Scotland and will then be interviewed via Skype.

But, the big question today is: "Will Susan Boyle sing live on Oprah?"