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A large majority of Irish people would recommend Dublin as a nice place to visit according to a new survey conducted by Dublin City Council and its partners.

The Your Dublin Your Voice Survey asked almost 2,300 respondants from across 60 nationalities, throughout Ireland’s 32 counties for their opinions on the nation’s capital.

Some 86 percent of the respondents were Irish and 68 percent resided in Dublin.

The overall majority of participants felt that Dublin should work to maintain its unique character.

Some 77 percent of respondants were in agreement with the statement that “Dublin is a welcoming place”.

Here is a look at some of the results.

Some of the positive quotes from the survey:

“Dubliners... witty, honest and upfront”
“Dublin is a “Vibrant international city with a small town feel”
“Its multiculturalism, while maintaining an inherent Irish character”
“That it has the diversity and energy of a young and vibrant 21st
century city”
“The Craic, the Ceol and the Culture”
Some of the negative quotes from the survey:
“The fact that the good things I like and can avail of sit side by side with
a parallel life and community that is excluded and under resourced.”
“Public transportation: it is frustrating, illogical, and inefficient!!!”
“That it's not exactly clean and safe, that sometimes the "Fair City" is
not so fair...”
“Litter and having to watch people do it, some people have no respect
for their beautiful city.”

Survey respondents said the best things about Dublin are:
The people – 31 percent
Culture/arts/activities – 17 percent
Size of the city/convenience/access to amenities – 15 percent
Diverse/cosmopolitan/vibrant/character – 13 percent
History/heritage – 5 percent
Family/friends/home 4 percentLocation/sea/mountains – 4 percent
Parks/green areas/amenities – 3 percent.

Survey respondents said the worst things about Dublin are:

Anti-social behaviour and crime – 36 percent.  
Traffic/transport/cycle lane issues – 21 percent
Litter/cleanliness/appearance – 17 percent
People – rude/apathy/negative/too busy – 4 percent
Poor planning/ development/ maintenance – 3 percent
Poor leadership – local and national – 3 percent
Unemployment/ poverty/ social exclusion – 3 percent
Weather – 2 percent
Loss of character/identity/Irishness – 1 percent.

READ MORE- Top 10 tourist attractions in Dublin

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