Supporters of bankrupt billionaire Sean Quinn have pledged over $3 million into a bank account to fund his family’s legal fees.

A spokesman for the support group Concerned Irish Business has told Irish state broadcaster RTE that the money has yet to be collected.

Speaking on radio, spokesman Adrian McCaffrey said the group had already received pledges from people ‘wanting to help’ the Quinns with their legal fees.

He said the monetary promises have come from ‘successful business people’ and ‘high net worth individuals’ living on both sides of the border although no money has been collected yet.

McCaffrey said: “We haven’t solicited any of the pledges. We’ve talked to people and believe we have a seven figure sum up around that scale of €2 million.

“The group is looking at legal and governance structures for ways the pledges can be turned into money and utilised to help the Quinn family.”

He also said that the names of any potential donators have not been revealed but none were members of the family itself.

A number of well known personalities including Tyrone manager Mickey Harte, former Meath manager Seán Boylan, player Colm O’Rourke and Fr Brian D’Arcy have attended rallies in support of the Quinns.

McCaffrey added: “The Quinn family bank account has been frozen and the stepping down of the legal team initiated actions by different people to come forward and offer their assistance.”

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