Enda Kenny’s Coalition government can do no wrong in the eyes of the Irish public after another triumph at the opinion polls.

Support for Fine Gael, the majority party in power, continues to rise after the government’s first 100 days in office according to a new poll in the Irish Independent.

The Millward Brown Lansdowne survey indicates that the honeymoon period shows no sign of abating as far as Kenny’s Fine Gael party is concerned.

And the junior partners in the Labor Party are holding their own with the voters as Fianna Fail continues to lose the confidence of the electorate.

Both Kenny and his party enjoy record levels of support in the latest poll for the Independent.

Fine Gael’s popularity is up to 42 per cent, a six per cent rise since it won the General Election, despite a majority of voters believing no progress has been made on key economic issues post election.

The party received 36 per cent of the votes as it won 76 seats in the recent election. If an election was called tomorrow, Fine Gael would comfortably win a majority based on these poll figures.

The Labor Party, led by Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore, is holding steady at 19 per cent.

Fianna Fail however is down to single figure support in Dublin and stands at just 16 per cent nationwide.

The new polls are also a triumph for Kenny, less than a year after he survived a move against his leadership of the Fine Gael party.

The Mayo deputy now enjoys 65 per cent support from the electorate, an incredible 26 per cent rise since he took power.

Kenny’s current standing is the most support for any Prime Minister since Bertie Ahern won the 2002 General Election.

Deputy Prime Minister and Labor Party leader Eamon Gilmore is also enjoying a honeymoon period of his own with voters.

Gilmore’s popularity is up by 11 per cent to 53 per cent, his highest ranking in a year.

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams is up eight points to a 37 per cent satisfaction rating with voters while his party is up one per cent to 11 per cent.

Fianna Fail support continues to stagnate. The party, without a Dublin TD since the tragic death of Brian Lenihan, now only has nine per cent support in the capital and has dropped one point to just 16 per cent nationwide.

Party leader Michael Martin is, as the Independent puts it, stuck in a rut on the same 46 per cent satisfaction rating he got just before polling day in the general election.

Leader of Fine Gael Kenny, with Deputy Leader James Reilly, speaking at the party rally in DublinGoogle Images