There has been a significant rise in the number of burglaries, fraud and kidnappings offenses in Ireland the latest crime figures show.

However, there was a drop in all the other categories of serious crime including homicide, drugs and gun crime, RTE reports.

The latest Central Statistics Office (CSO) figures show that burglaries and related offenses have risen over 10%, fraud offenses rose by 8%, while kidnapping was up 7.8%.

All other categories of crime were down the CSO reports. The latest recorded figures of 62 homicides represents a drop of over 23%. Weapons and explosives offenses were down over 15%, while drugs offenses dropped by 4%.

Minister for Justice Alan Shatter told the press it is imperative that Irish police have the government's full support in confronting and disrupting any violent and gang crime.

He also commended Operation Fiacla , the name given to a police initiative that resulted in 2,000 fewer burglaries from April to June than in the first three months of the year.

The operation resulted in 1,700 people being arrested, 1000 of whom have been charged.

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