Stephen Gately’s husband Andrew Cowles will get the Boyzone singer’s €11 million ($16.4 million) estate, and the Gately family reportedly has no intentions of challenging the decision.

The mourning Gatelys, who live in Dublin, consider Cowles “one of the family,” and have said: “Stephen loved him with all his heart and made my son happy.”

Gately’s grieving mother Margaret shared: "I asked Stephen when they got together if it was love and he said it was more than anything he'd ever found."

Stephen and Andrew were legally wed in London on March 19, 2006, entitling Cowles to ownership of the couple’s homes in England and Spain, as well as Gately’s investments and savings.

Not only does the Gately family love Cowles, but despite rumors, so does Boyzone founder and “X Factor” judge Louis Walsh.

Walsh said that he got on “very well” with Cowles and “always has.”

Thousands of mourners, including Walsh, turned up to pay their respects to Gately, at his funeral in Dublin on Saturday.

Sir Elton John, Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Irish boyband Westlife and former Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Bertie Ahern were among the congregation at St. Laurence O'Toole Church in the north inner city.

Over 3,500 fans lined the streets of Dublin to listen to the funeral service on loud speakers.

Afterwards, a tribute party was given for Gately, and was attended by 450 relatives and friends. A video of highlights from the Irish singer’s career was shown.

Boyzone member Shane Lynch later told the press: "We gave him the farewell he deserved, a great send-off.

"We all deal with grief in our own ways, and this was our way. It was a brilliant night, fitting for a brilliant person."

Boyzone still plans on releasing their upcoming album, which will be dedicated to their fallen brother “Steo.”