Stephen Colbert, the comedian and satirist who has pilfered Bill O'Reilly's bag of tricks to create his TV persona, has actually landed an interview to make O'Reilly salivate.

According to The Clicker, former president Bill Clinton will sit down for his very first interview with Colbert, and in return the TV host will lead the closing session of the Clinton Global Initiative University's annual meeting on April 6.

Colbert will reportedly interview the former president at Washington University in St. Louis, with the taped segment airing during the week of April 8 on The Colbert Report.

'I am thrilled and honored to be interviewing President Clinton, and I assume he is aware this is happening,' Colbert said in a statement.

Clinton, who made his support for same sex marriage known this month, is also the subject of a highly anticipated upcoming HBO documentary directed by Martin Scorsese.


Stephen Colbert to interview former president Bill ClintonGoogle Images