President Obama's healthcare plan requires all employers - including religious institutions - to include contraception choices in insurance coverage.

But the requirement that women be given access to contraception has alarmed some deeply conservative Christians, inspiring Comedy Central king Stephen Colbert's to weigh in with his take this week.

On Tuesday night's Colbert Report, Colbert gleefully blew huge hole in the religious right's argument with a look at what the bible says about procreation - and whether or not birth control is really prohibited by Catholicism when 98% of Catholic women actually use it.

'When you use contraception, you are not only sinning, you're c*ck-blocking the almighty!' Colbert scoffed.

Colbert quipped, aren't taking this lying down 'or even doggie style' and then he quoted Rick Santorum's opinion that the White House mandate puts our rights on a slippery 'or lubricated' slope.

In case you missed Colbert's point, watch the following video involving a banana and guillotine.