An absolute treasure trove of Irish history has become available on the web through Pathe News.

Pathe News has just released 3,500 hours of Irish footage dating back to 1900 on its website.

The footage include rare footage of JFK's visit to Ireland in 1963, Michael Collins on the election trail, and German bombing in Dublin in 1942.

The archive also contains footage of the then high-glamour wedding of Dickie Rock and Judy Murray.

Pathe's cameras capture Ireland during the War Of Independence, the foundation of the State, World War II, and the Irish version of the so-called "swinging Sixties."

The Pathe newsreels - which were a staple of the cinema experience - ended with the introduction of television in 1970.

The newsreels were lost to history until archivists digitized the collection for the website.

Visit :

1920s 'concentration camp'

Michael Collins electioneering, 1922

The new Dail cabinet, 1922

JFK visit to Ireland 1963

Rugby: Ireland beat England 1965

Dickie Rock wedding 1966

Rare: Footage of Michael Collin on the election trail