The teenage daughter of the Irish woman murdered in Turkey has dismissed rumors that her boyfriend had proposed to her.

Recep Cetin, a Turkish national is accused of stabbing Marion Graham and her best friend Cathy Dinsmore after an alledged row erupted about him marrying her daughter.

Breaking her silence after the murder of her mother, Shannon Graham, who had been dating the accused for two years, said the couple had no plans to wed.

"The marriage part isn't true. The first thing I head of that was in the papers. He didn't ask me to marry him and to my knowledge he didn't ask my mother either," she said.

"I wanted to speak to Alex but the police wouldn't let me," she told a Sunday newspaper.
"The only thing I wanted to know was why he did it, because I don't know why he did what he did.

"When I heard what he did I couldn't believe it.
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"He never asked me to marry him, so why did he do it? What was going through his mind?

"Did he ever think twice about what he was actually doing? Did he ever think to stop? And why did he lie to my face about what happened?"

The young woman said she had been left devastated by the loss of her mother. "I loved my mum very much," she said.

"There is a massive hole where she should be. I just wish this had never happened and that she was here now.

"I was mummy's shadow. We did everything together. I used to sleep beside her upstairs because

I didn't like sleeping alone in my room downstairs. We went everywhere together, shopping, everywhere. She was my best friend."

The 15-year-old was pictured last week wearing a ring on her engagement finger, when she arrived in Belfast International Airport. However the teenager said the ring had belonged to her late mother.

"I was wearing mummy's ring on my engagement finger when I came home but that has nothing to do with him," she added. "He didn't ask me to marry him."

Funeral services for the two Newry women, both 53, were held last Friday. The bodies of the two best friends were discovered in a forest outside the Turkish holiday resort of Kusadasi on August 18.