A Northern Ireland woman has had her garden invaded by a group squirrels. Her name? Mrs. Nutt.

BBC Radio Ulster has reported that Oonagh Nutt, from Moira in County Down, first noticed the animals when the came from an nearby park six years ago. In the past year and a half, however, things started getting out of hand.

"I thought it was lovely, I called one of them Hazel but then the next thing they'd got into the house," she said.  

Soon, the squirrels went nuts: chewing their way through the roof in several places, tunneling through the cavity walls, and going to the toilet in the attic. Mrs Nutt said she spent thousands of pounds trying to get rid of the squirrels.

"Up close they are quite frightening - they look like puppy dogs with big hands, they growl and bark at you, they're vicious things. They'll go for you,” said Mrs. Nutt.

"I have a small child in the house and regularly at night the scratching and chewing and moving about will wake him up."

And when Mrs. Nutt got in touch with her local council to see if they could do something about the squirrels, she was told, in short, “to go away.”