A Spanish judge has called a Ryanair calendar featuring air hostesses in sexy poses “illegal, discriminatory and unfair.”

Judge Amanda Cohen ruled that the cabin crew are shown in “a sexually suggestive manner” and that “the female body is being used as a mere object and as part of the appeal of the advert.”

Now a row has erupted between the low-cost Irish airline and the judge following her ruling that Ryanair drop last year's "Girls of Ryanair" ad campaign following a formal complaint from a consumer group.

Spanish consumer group Adecua claimed the calendar is advertising with “sexual connotations” and called for it to be banned.

The Irish airline has raised over €700,000 ($964,000) for charity through the sales for the 2014 calendar. The proceeds are to go to the teenage cancer trust.

The judge praised Ryanair’s “laudable charity work,” but said it was “obvious” the calendar was being used as a marketing tool to sell airline tickets.

Ryanair will be allowed to appeal the ruling. The company has previously complained to Spain’s General Council of the Judiciary about the judge’s alleged “lack of impartiality” during the hearings.

The airline sells the calendar, shot in Crete, for €10 ($13.75) on flights and online. A “making of” video has been watched almost 700,000 times on YouTube. (See video below)

In a statement Ryanair said, "We have instructed our lawyers to appeal this ruling regarding last year's (2013) cabin crew charity calendar, which raised over €100,000 for a Polish charity, the TVN Foundation, to help sick children in Poland.

"This case and ruling only relates to specific adverts run in November and December 2012 and has no effect on Ryanair's continuing charity work or our current 2014 cabin crew charity calendar."

The Ryanair air stewardesses are not the only ones making temperatures soar this Christmas season.

The Irish Farming-themed calendar featuring ‘hunky’ Irish bachelors in revealing poses is currently in second place in the annual festive calendar wars. The Irish farmers are hot on the heels of teen sensations One Direction, which is in first place.

According to Independent.ie, “That's its highest-ever position and up four places from last year.”

The Calendar Club, which compiled the list after studying sales across its 22 stores in Ireland, said the chart is a good barometer of who is likely to be successful next year.

The Irish Farmer calendar continues to support its nominated charity ‘Bothar,’ sending livestock to the developing world. To have a look at some of Ireland’s most eligible bachelor farmers,check out their charity page.