Glenn Beck was parodied by South Park in a recent episode and the Fox News commentator got a piece of his own medicine when Cartman channeled him as announcer at his local high school.

In his role as whistle blower at the High School, Cartman informs all and sundry that the school president Wendy Testaburger is out to KILL SMURFS (Keywords, Integrated, Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Modern, Utopian, Reformed, Farce, School).

Here is a little of Cartman's schtick.  Does this sound familiar?

"Friends, our school is dying and you know it. You feel it. You are like me. You want to change it. But oh, no, Wendy Testaburger's not going to let that happen. This is not the school we grew up in, and I don't know if we can get it back. Just take a look at exactly what our school president wants. You know, what is she trying to achieve?"

And the funny thing is, Beck seemed to actually like it!  Check out his reaction to the South Park episode in the video above.

In the Beck video, his executive producer, Stu Burguiere, points out that the fattest character on South Park (Cartman) was the one chosen to play him and that in the episode Cartman had hair like Beck's.

Beck seems perplexed that most of an episode of South Park would be devoted to him, especially as he considers himself a libertarian!