Pat Cadigan, a hi-tech millionaire and son of Irish immigrants who landed in Boston has donated $15 million to Boston College and $12 million to Boston College High School.

The Cambridge native went from helping his father run an Irish bar to establishing himself as a hi tech pioneer.

Cadigan, 77, of Corona del Mar, Calif, says the schools helped him succeed in life.

“They talked about nobility in all your dealings," Cadigan said. “And that hard work itself is noble . . . They taught us self-reliance and to make something of ourselves in high school, and you were kind of a boob if you didn’t do what you were supposed to.’’

Bill Kemeza, president of BC High, said “Pat is really a good example’’ of that training. “He has that sort of energy and joy and engagement in life.’’

Cadigan served as CEO and Chairman of Gateway Communications, among other companies, and made it big in California.

He never forgot his Boston ties or Irish roots however. His father ran the Celtic Cafe also known as Cadigan’s

“Someone said it was an Irish bar, but [my father] was pretty ecumenical,’’ Cadigan told the Boston Globe. “Anybody could come in there.’’

Cadigan was a 1957 graduate of BC,  but said he was unlikely to move back to Beantown.

“I love Boston, but the overcast [skies] and the snow just killed me,’’ he said. “It’s a shame, because if the weather was different, I bet half the people in the country would go there.’’

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