More and more men, even the Irish, are turning to cosmetic surgery treatments such as botox to delete the effects of aging on their faces. But we wondered if this is a common trend of whether Irish men are less metrosexual than we might think, and prefer to stick to their beauty regime of a bit of soap and water and out the door.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that their surgeons administered six million botox injections in 2012. Of all their patients during that year a whopping 360,000 of these were American males.

A Dublin native, Peter Hosford, told the Irish Independent that he has been using botox injections since he was 35. Now 48 he says that having the treatment makes you look like you’ve just come back from a vacation or had a great night’s sleep.

He told the paper he now sees botox like just another part of his general maintenance like dying your hair.

Hosford said “It's not like going under the knife, it erases the lines very naturally and you just look fresher.”

He added “There's still a bit of a taboo about it with a lot of people, but I see it as part of good grooming and looking after yourself, so I'd be very open about it.”

County Cork native and BBC host Grahan Norton recently turned 50. He told Now Magazine “Botox on men looks really stupid... I have thought about getting my eye bags done but when I turned 50 last month, I thought, "I've earned these."'

So where do you stand on botox and men? Should men be worrying about their wrinkles or should their be happy to grown old and distinguished gracefully?