Snow is falling and winter has hit Ireland with a vengeance with snowfalls reported from Cork all the way up to County Meath.

Just to rub salt in Irish wounds, winds of up to 80 miles per hour are also battering the West and North-West of the country.

The government’s Met Eireann weather agency has warned that stormy conditions will develop across the country throughout Tuesday and into Wednesday with strong gales continuing.

Snow and sleet were reported in Dublin, Meath and Kildare as well as in many areas of the South and West.


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Motorists and road users have been advised to take extra care by the Road Safety Authorities after the first real snowfalls since last winter’s arctic blizzards.

Drivers have been warned to watch out for falling debris, vehicles veering across the road, and to be extra aware of high-sided vehicles, motorcyclists and cyclists.

“In extreme weather conditions it is best to avoid making a journey by road unless absolutely necessary,” said a statement from the RSA.

A male pedestrian in his 20s was killed near Mallow in County Cork when he was hit by a truck on Monday afternoon.