A small bed and breakfast in Dingle, County Kerry has been named the 6th best hotel in the world by Tripadvisor.com one of the most read travel sites in the world.

Castlewood House in Dingle was opened in 2005 by Brian and Helen Heaton and tourists have flocked to it since.

327 of the 342 guests who stayed there awarded it five stars. Only three people rated it less than four stars.

The Phoenix Resort hotel in Belize in South America won the top slot.

Tripadvisor.com went through millions of customer surveys to locate the best hotels in the world.



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The Heatons met in Ashford Castle where they both commenced their careers. Helen Heaton says the attention to detail is key.

“We are a very small guest house with 12 bedrooms and three staff. We thought long and hard about building our own place and there were a lot of will-we-won’t-we conversations before we decided to go for it,” Helen Heaton told The Irish Times.

“What we do is full-on and seven days a week, but it is hugely rewarding and the guests we get are so nice, and I know all this sounds terribly cliched but it is the truth.”

Loch Lein Country House in Killarney, finished in eight place in the Tripadvisor poll.

Owner Paul Corridan stated “To be recognised like this is incredible,” he said. “All we do is give people time. We are not pretentious: we have what we have and people seem to like it.”