A cleaning crew on the island of Nantucket, MA, got the fright of their lives when they discovered the corpse of a five-foot-long shark blocking the front door of the Sea Dog Brew Pub.

The grim and weird discovery was made at 7am on Thursday morning but the bar’s manager Jimmy Agnew has no idea who would have dumped the shark. Agnew told the AP he fielded questions about the strange incident all day but has found no explanation. He also said a comedian whose band performs at the bar also posted some jokes online including the suggestion that the shark had visited the Sea Dog “to meet his chums.”

A Boston Globe reporter tried to investigate further but the story’s punchline remains a mystery.

John Braginton-Smith, a foreman for the Department of Public Works told the Globe, “It’s not too often we find sharks on land like that.”

He estimated the fish would weigh about 150 pounds and said it would have taken two men to carry it from the sea.

Braginton-Smith’s only explanation for the incident was, “In summertime, someone can get one too many beers in them and think that’s amusing.”

Nantucket's public works department disposed of the carcass shortly after it was discovered.