An inspiring six-year-old County Kerry author’s book “The Fairy Who Was Different” has sold out in record time, in association with the charity Enable Ireland. 

Chloe O’Sullivan is in senior infants (elementary school) and was born with spina bifida. She was invited to launch her first book at the Listowel Writers’ Week on Friday and her book about a fairy with a broken wing sold out in record time.

When the charity Enable Ireland heard about the book they had 100 copies printed. Now the book has gone into reprint and will be available through the charity.

This amazing six-year-old, from Gerah, in Farranfore, has decided to donate all the proceeds from the book to Enable Ireland, a charity which supports disabled children and their families.

Her book, aimed at her peers, tells the story of Chloe, a fairy who is different from all the other fairies. Chloe was inspired to write the story when one of her classmates asked her why she was so different.

Speaking to the Irish Independent O’Sullivan explained “She has a slightly broken wing, just like my leg. She couldn't fly so she makes friends with a bee called Honey.”

Off course like all good fairy tales there’s a happy ending. When Chloe is given just one wish “she wishes for a prince instead.”

Chloe is a constant surprise to her family – her parents, Conn and Elaine, and older brother Conor (10). When their daughter, Chloe, was born the doctors said there was a likelihood that she would be confined to a wheelchair and her mental capabilities could be impaired.

Conn explained that his daughter started writing this story at home. He said “It was supposed to be our little secret but Chloe told everyone."

Her father told the Irish Examiner “She was absolutely delighted, and what made it even more special was that all her classmates were there to support her.

"My wife Elaine and I are so proud of our little girl and she never ceases to amaze us in everything she does."

As for the future Chloe hasn’t quite decided. She said “I kind of want to be two things: a teacher and a writer.”

Although Chloe walks with a splint on her leg these hasn’t slowed her down or kept her out of the schoolyard.

She explained “Sometimes when we're playing catch, I take a little rest and then start running again. Sometimes if everyone is running too fast I say to my best friend 'Alisha, can you slow down' and she always does."

Chloe O'Sullivan (right) signs copies of her book, 'The Fairy Who Was Different', at Listowel Writers' Week yesterday.Irish Independent