Sinn Fein will bring a motion of no confidence in the coalition government before the Irish parliament on Tuesday.

Party leader Gerry Adams has gone public on the post-budget motion to be debated in the chambers this week.

The Louth deputy told the media that the Fine Gael and Labor Party government partners had betrayed their election promises.

He also accused the two parties of breaking their contract with the people who elected them after last week’s latest austerity budget.

Adams said: “The two coalition parties have broken their contract with the electorate and torn up their election promises.

“During the election these parries stood on a platform of standing up for Ireland’s interests in Europe; of ‘not one more red cent’ to be given to the banks; of protecting child benefit.

“But this recent budget is savage and regressive. It targets ordinary working families and the most vulnerable people in society.”

Adams also claimed that the coalition government has no public authorisation to implement the cuts demanded by the terms of the EU-IMF bail-out for Ireland’s struggling economy.

He added: “This Government is implementing socially and economically disastrous policies for which they have no mandate.

“A change of political and economic direction is urgently needed. There is another, fairer way forward. It is clear that this requires a change of government.”

The Sinn Fein motion will be debated in the Irish parliament on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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