Fianna Fail, the majority party in government, has slumped to a record low 13 per cent support while Sinn Fein are now at their highest support level in modern times a new opinion poll has revealed.

Incredibly, Sinn Fein who were polling only about 2 per cent in the Irish Republic before the peace process are now poised to pass Fianna Fail, the party in power for 22 of the last 24 years in popularity if this poll is repeated on election day.

Sinn Fein are now at 16 per cent up five points. The surge comes after Sinn Fein won a by-election in Donegal and party leader Gerry Adams announced he would run for election in Louth.

The poll was taken by the Red C polling company for the Irish Sun newspaper.

Fine Gael, the main opposition party are at 32 per cent down one from the last poll while the Labor Party are at 24 per cent down three from the last poll.

The Green Party are at 2 per cent while independents are at 11 per cent.

Support for Brian Cowen to continue as Prime Minister is down to 8%.

Eamon Gilmore, Labor party leader,  remains the most popular choice as Prime Minister. He is up from 39 to 41%.

Enda Kenny has also increased his vote and was the choice of 25% of people polled.