Sinn Fein is now twice as popular in Ireland as government party Labor according to a new opinion poll.

The latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll has Sinn Fein at double the dwindling support for coalition partners Labor.

Sinn Fein support is at a new high with party leader Gerry Adams enjoying an eight-point jump in his rating, making him the most popular leader.

The report suggests that Labor’s partnership with the conservative Fine Gael party in government is badly hitting its popularity.

Asked who they would vote for if a general election was called tomorrow, pollsters indicated 32 per cent support for Fine Gael, down one point.

Labour are now on 10 per cent. down three, with Sinn Fein on 24 per cent, up three.

The poll also states that Fine Gael remains the biggest party in the Republic while Fianna Fail has increased for the first time since the last general election and now stands on 17 per cent, up three.

Independents and others are on 15 per cent, down two, with the Green Party stagnant on two per cent.

While satisfaction with the government has increased since the last poll, taken five weeks ago, satisfaction with Prime Minister Enda Kenny has fallen.

The Irish Times reports that the core vote for the parties compared with the last poll was: Fine Gael, 23 per cent (down two points); Labour, 8 per cent (down two points); Fianna Fáil, 12 per cent (up one point); Sinn Féin, 18 per cent (up three points); Green Party, 1 per cent (no change); Independents/Others, 12 per cent (down one point); and undecided voters, 26 per cent (up one point).

Sinn Fein's President Gerry AdamsAFP/Getty