Ireland's Easter Rising has come into the digital age!

Eneclann, a Dublin-based history and heritage company, has released a CD of the “Sinn Féin Rebellion Handbook,” which details the events surrounding the Easter Rising 1916.

The “Rebellion Handbook” was published by the Irish Times in 1917, and is based on articles carried in the Irish Times in May 1916.  

“The handbook provides a fascinating insight into the Easter rising,” says Eneclann’s Publications Manager, Paul Manzor.  

“It is one of the key sources and contains a wealth of information, including an official list of casualties, names of prisoners, photographs and a map showing the key locations in Dublin.” 

There is a huge interest in Ireland’s revolutionary period (1912-1922) as the centenary approaches, and Eneclann has more initiatives planned for the future.  

“We are currently developing an online resource for the study of this period in partnership with the National Archives in Kew, England,” said CEO Brian Donovan.  

“We recently published the Dublin Castle intelligence files on individual Sinn Fein and Republican suspects between 1899 and 1921, which has proved one of our most successful publications.” 

The CD-Roms of the “Sinn Féin Rebellion Handbook”(€19.90 / $26.35) and the “Sinn Féin and Republican Suspects 1899-1921” (€50.11 / $66.35)) are both available to purchase from Eneclann’s online shop at

Meanwhile, plans have emerged of a new development that would involve demolishing the Dublin buildings where the leaders of the Rising made their last stand. 

A public hearing in Dublin was told this week of plans for a €1.25 billion ($1.65 billion) shopping mall on the historic site. 

However, relatives of some of the leaders of the 1916 Rising object to the development.