Sinn Fein has hit the jackpot in America with leader Gerry Adams helping to raise almost half a million dollars for the party at US events in 2010 alone.

Earnings for the past three years for the 32-county Republican organization topped $1.5million.

Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and even the now defunct Progressive Democrats also managed to bring cash home from across the Atlantic.

But Sinn Fein topped the earnings league thanks to a series of major fundraisers attended by Adams and Presidential candidate Martin McGuinness.

Major successes included a $500-a-plate dinner at the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan in November of last year.


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A similar event at Bobby Van’s Grill in Washington on St Patrick’s Day this year also contributed significantly to the fund-raising drive.

Official documents filed with the US Justice Department show that Sinn Fein raised just over $1,550,000 from 2009 to 2011.

Government partners Fine Gael and the Labor Party are no longer registered to fund raise in America. Fine Gael last registered in 2009 while Labor’s last known registration was in 1996 as ‘Friends of Irish Labour in America’.

Fianna Fail’s last donation from the States came in 1999 when the party declared American income of  $116,500.