Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald has been criticized fo allowing her campaign office to sell IRA trinkets.

Among the IRA items on offer, which are among the best-selling products in the Dublin Sinn Fein shop, are mouse pads, mugs, pins in the shape of rifles and clothing with various IRA slogans.

One of the most popular products from the shop is a black T-shirt with a picture of three armed paramilitaries in full battle fatigues with the slogan: "IRA Undefeated Army.”

The sale of such merchandise has not gone down well with members of government. Fiann fail TD and Minister for Defense Willie O’Dea has called the sale of such merchandise by a political party for profit “outrageous.”

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said that no one has mentioned any problems with the IRA memorabilia on sale in the shop, and are focusing on more serious issues, telling the Irish Independent: "I've been on the doorsteps here for close on three weeks. People have raised with me the fact they are either out of work or fear being out of work. They have raised with me the possibility of their houses being repossessed.

"Everywhere people have talked about children being educated in prefabs – none of them talked about the merchandise on sale in the Sinn Fein bookstore."

The party is facing criticism about its position on the murder of Detective Garda (police officer) Jerry McCabe. Sinn Fein candidate Toireasa Ferris refused to condemn the 1996 killing of the police officer by members of the Provisiona IRA .

"They are trying to pose as a respectable political party and also saying violence is sexy. They have shown nothing but contempt for the McCabe family,” said Minister O’Dea.

Adams has said he condemns the murder, but holds the position that the souvenirs Sinn Fein shop in Parnell Square, which bears a banner of the party’s vice president McDonald, are not problematic.