The Irish political party Sinn Fein has admitted they asked the US broadcaster CNN to refer to Gerry Adams by his “proper title” rather than “former IRA paramilitary commander” following a recent report.

The request was made of CNN broadcaster, Nic Robertson, who had reported on the protests in Belfast City over the decision to limit the number of days the union flag was displayed on City Hall. In his report Robertson had referred to Adams as a former member of the IRA.

In the CNN report (see below) Robertson described the Sinn Fein president as “former IRA paramilitary commander Gerry Adams, now the province’s most powerful, Catholic politician.”

A spokesperson for Sinn Fein told, “We just asked him to use his proper title in future. It was brought to our attention and we rang the person here on the ground and asked in future to refer to him by his proper title – Sinn Féin president and TD for Louth.”

“They were happy enough to do that.”

Here’s the CNN report

Sinn Fein president Gerry AdamsGoogle Images