Sinead O’Connor has demanded that Irish police find the baby she witnessed being ‘stolen’ by Magdalene Laundry nuns from a young mother.

The singer claimed in the Irish Sun newspaper that she saw a newborn baby boy being ‘torn’ from a friend’s arms during her spell in a Dublin laundry.

The controversial rock star spent over a year in a Magdalene Laundry as a teenager.

The paper reports that she has now reported the traumatic baby incident to police in Wicklow. Officers have confirmed they have launched a criminal probe into the allegations.

O’Connor told the paper that she suspects a cover-up by those involved.

She said: “On Friday I gave a formal statement to gardai (police). I am asking that any person who witnessed the gestation, nursing and/or removal of this child to please come forward also.

“In fact, any woman who has had a baby taken from them while in the care of one of these institutions should report the matter.

“Officers have told me that women need to come forward if this has happened to them.”

O’Connor told the Irish Sun she was ‘satisfied’ that detectives will now conduct a full investigation.

She had spent 18 months at High Park in Drumcondra after stealing as a teen.

The singer recalled: “One morning I woke to hear my friend screaming. I ran out of my cubicle, I saw her surrounded by two or three nuns.

“They tore my friend’s baby from her arms. Her desperate beggings and pleadings and screams were ignored.

“She was physically overpowered and the baby was gone — with no trace of where he went.”

The Sisters of Our Lady of Charity have denied any knowledge of the incident now under investigation.

In a statement they said: “Our services never included mother and baby homes.”