Sinead O’Connor told her followers on her blog site that she had found her perfect man after appealing for her soul mate on her blog -- but alas, she later posted that it turned out he had a pregnant girlfriend.

“Sadly the chosen winner of the contest has revealed a pregnant girlfriend...therefore the campaign is resumed.” she wrote.

Sinead stated she was looking for man with “a sweet heart and a filthy mind” and she got hundreds of applications from all over Ireland.

She also wrote about her sexual frustration in not having a boyfriend. She has been married three times and was just recently divorced from musician Steve Cooney.

Her quest for a new man grabbed the attention of the media. She stated on her blog she had finally found Mr. Right.

She wrote:

"Search called off for now. Suitable man found. Hands down winner. No competition.. Thank you again to the sunday indo..(Sunday Independent)

"That position has been filled by an extremely sweet, kind, very respectful, considerate but absolutely FILTHY minded, un-inhibited RUDE sex maniac named John."

But John had a pregnant girlfriend, so Sinead is back on the prowl.


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