Sinead O'Connor is looking more like her old self again and is feeling sexier than ever. The Irish singer was seen sporting a shaved head and a new tattoo of Jesus on her chest at an AIDS benefit in Los Angeles last week.

She also had a sexual orgasm enhancement procedure done.

“Also I am excited as I went to see a Dr David Matlock, who administers a thing called a G-shot. . . into a woman's G-spot. . . which is supposed to intensify orgasms by 10 per cent," she wrote in her blog.

So, Dr Matlock comes to get me. Very mischievous looking, and, (mortifyingly) not un-attractive attractive African-American man. HE starts giggling. So I know I'm gonna be ok if I do roar laughing. Because it IS very silly. 

"So selflessly, as I have taken it upon myself to explore all things sexual on behalf of all Irish women, I had it done. Very funny experience but too graphic for Sunday breakfast reading.

"Suffice to say it's done and will have been 'tried' out by the time this paper goes to print. So if happy screamings are heard from Bray you will know it was a success."


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Sinead went on to explain her latest tattoo.

"So then. The Jesus tattoo. Desired for years and LA is where you have to get Jesus or Mary. It was three hours of unremitting agony from start to finish. No other tattoo I had ever hurt much but this was all on the breast bone so, oh my God, I nearly died. I had no idea it would hurt so much.”

After a highly-publicized search for love, O'Connor has finally found a new man.

"I finally did meet someone, Or he found me," she revealed, but refused to say more.

O'Connor has also quit Twitter.

"I really enjoyed it, but unfortunately there's too many freaks on Twitter, including myself, so I just got fed up of being abused really. I made some serious friends, I'm still mates with some of the loopers I got on with on Twitter."