The show must go on for Celtic Woman even as Chloe Agnew's home is about to be taken away by an Irish bank.

Chloe's mom, who goes by the name Twink, says she's at her wit's end as she "can't work any harder" to save her home.

The family home is really a mansion; Idrone House, at Idrone Avenue, Knocklyon, south Dublin.

 "I can't work any harder and there are only 24 hours in any given day," Twink said.

"For me, this was an inevitable event waiting to happen.

"Unfortunately I find myself in this current situation -- no different to half of the country that have lost their jobs or, like me, are single parents -- trying to pay my mortgage, bills and raise two children on my own," she added.

Twink said she hoped to be able to keep a "roof over (her) family's head".

"It would appear that the trick is to owe the banks and building societies millions, not thousands, that way you walk away scot-free."

Her daughter Chloe is currently touring with Celtic Woman across the U.S. to rave reviews.

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