A Facebook fan page dedicated to exposing shocking photos of Irish revelers on drunken nights out is quickly becoming a viral hit.

The fan page “Embarrassing Irish Nightlife Photos” has clocked up almost 64,000 ‘likes’ since it was set up last month. The site also has a Tumbler blog which asks subscribers to send in shocking images they have captured on nights out.

One of the latest photos to be uploaded shows a drunken long-haired man, who has defecated on the white plastic chair he is sitting on.

“That is by far the most horrendous thing ive ever seen!!!! PUKE!!!!! [SIC],” one of the sixty Facebookcommenters said about the photo.

Other photos show men and women in various states of undress. Another shows a young woman vomiting into her handbag. One woman is sprawled on the side of the road, passed out with a cigarette in her hand.

“The Irish are known for their craic and banter. That means nights outthat are messy. We need your photos! Tag us in them now and get them featured on our wall! Irish clubs or Irish people,” the website states.

Facebook users who ‘like’ the page are able to comment on the photos.

Responding to complaints on Sunday, the fan page administrators said they were willing to remove explicit photographs of people who didn’t want them posted.

“We have not breached any Facebook regulations otherwise we would have been shut down.

“Facebook is a public forum. If you don't want people to see your boozy nights out, maybe don't post them on Facebook...?”