With the College Football Playoff and another potential National Championship appearance in their sights, the fabled University of Notre Dame football team has returned to national prominence following their undefeated season in 2012.

Though they ultimately lost in the championship game that year, the Irish faithful have watched as the team – led by Coach Brian Kelly – remains in the championship chase.

Before their recent battle against Wake Forest, The Fighting Irish were visited by WWE's very own Celtic Warrior. Sheamus attended the pep rally the night before the game, offering words of encouragement for the team and presenting Coach Kelly with a custom Notre Dame WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

Following the pep rally, Sheamus attended a basketball game and a hockey game at Notre Dame. The first Irish-born WWE Champion was also on the sidelines at Notre Dame Stadium as the Fighting Irish continued their quest for the College Football Playoff.

Seamus, AKA Stephen Farrelly, was born in Dublin in 1978. He is a gifted Irish language speaker having attended Irish speaking schools. He made his reputation in Europe as a wrestler before joining the WWE, where he has become a star performer.

H/T WWE.com