A proposed school in Dublin may teach children extreme Sharia Law if plans for the education facility get the go-ahead.

Recently, an undercover reporter working for a BBC Panorama documentary, obtained text books used in several Saudi schools in the UK, which contained prejudice material.

Similar schools which operate under the umbrella of Saudi Students Clubs and Schools in
the UK and Ireland intend to open up education centers in Dublin, would could use similar prejudice material, according the the Herald Newspaper.

In the original BBC report, one book asked students to list the "reprehensible" qualities of the Jews, and also stated that they were transformed into pigs and apes.

Another text-book for teenagers, included diagrams showing how best to chop off a thief's hand or foot, according to Sharia law.

Children were also taught that sodomy was be punished by death, either by stoning, burning with fire or throwing over a cliff.

Officials from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London issued a statement after the BBC documentary was broadcast, denying that it endorsed such course material.

Meanwhile Irish representatives from the Saudi network plan to begin offering classes to up to 40 school children aged between eight and 14 before the end of the year.

A spokesperson from the Saudi  Arabia embassy in Dublin confirmed to the Herald that the classes in Ireland would be run independently.

The Department of Education said that it was "not aware of plans to establish any such private schools."

"The department does not have responsibility for private schools which do not have any connection to the State," a spokesman told the Herald.

"However, there are clear prohibitions in Irish law against the advocacy of hatred; that constitutes incitement to hatred, hostility or violence."