A new survey shows that Irish people really let themselves go when they’re on vacation.

Although they may have that stereotypical image of being haunted by “Catholic guilt” the Irish Star and LoveHoney.co.uk discovered that Irish people are pretty adventourous in the sack and especially when they’re in the sunshine, overseas.

As part of their “Sex Week” they quizzed 3,500 Irish men and women about their amorous activity.

One in ten Irish people admitted to sleeping with at least two people while on vacation. Four in ten had a holiday fling and 27 percent said that sex is more exciting when you’re abroad.

The vast majority of those questioned didn’t hook up with their holiday lover when they got back home.

Of those going on vacation with just the girls or the lads 11 percent admitted to cheating while on vacation and another 30 admitted to having one-night stands but another 26 percent said they were just as likely to have a one-night stand at home.

Sixty-nine percent of couples said they have more sex on vacation than at home.

As for showing off their bikini bods 42 percent of Irish women say they go topless on vacation and another 58 percent have been to a nudist beach.

Annabelle Knight, Lovehoney’s sex expert,  told the Star “Holidays have always been a great aphrodisiac for both men and women. We have more sex on holiday because we are naturally more relaxed… It’s no surprise that 69 per cent of us have more sex on holiday.