A poll entitled Sex, Sin and Society shows how the people of Ireland feel about assisted suicide, politicians, the environment, unemployment and abortion.

An Irish Times poll, carried out by Behavior & Attitudes, took a national representative sample of just over 1,000 people at 100 sampling points across the State.

When questioned about politicians, 55 percent said that honest, integrity and transparency were the most important values. Twenty-one percent said an awareness of the effects of policies on the well being of others was important, while 18 percent ranked respecting others’ rights, dignity and views as key. A surprisingly low three percent ranked preserving the environment as an important issue for Irish politicians.

Unemployment is the greatest issue of political concern for the people of Ireland as the figures now stand at a record high. It ranked at 83 percent. The financial crisis (77 percent) and Government cutback (69 percent) came in next.

Emigration was a major concern for 18 percent of Irish people while immigration was only a concern to seven percent.

On social issues, 49 percent said that they would help a friend to obtain an abortion. Over a quarter said they would try to persuade her to have the child while another quarter said they would take a different course of action.

Fifty-seven percent of Irish people would legalize doctor assisted suicide for the terminally ill. While 54 percent said they would agree to a "presumed consent” law regarding taking organs from deceased patients.

A massive 59 percent said that the Irish Constitution "needs some amendment" and 19 percent feel that it is not fit for its purpose. Only 12 percent of Irish people feel that it has "stood the test of time well."