The majority of workers in Ireland have slept with a work colleague, according to a new sex survey by an Irish fashion magazine.

A whopping 85 percent of people have spiced up their love lives with office sex and 16 percent have slept with their boss, according to a study conducted by U Magazine.

The study showed that only 13 percent of readers lost their virginity before their 16th birthday. Some 20 per cent were 17 and almost a fifth (23 per cent) were 18.

As well as passion in the workplace, more than one third (36 percent) say a good sex life is high on the agenda from a relationship.

Almost 68 percent admitted to having flirted with someone online and over two thirds view ‘sexting’ as cheating on their partner.

Some 62 percent of respondents say that size doesn't matter, moreover, what’s important is that your partner knows what he is doing between the sheets.

“Some of the other results were a bit shocking (who knew so many people were sleeping with their colleagues!) but we’re proud to say that 85 per cent of respondents always use protection,” commented Aisling Keenan of U Magazine.

Keenan added: “U magazine readers seem really satisfied with their sexy time with 37.5 per cent saying they orgasm every single time. Now that’s impressive!”

The survey of 300 readers also found that 50 percent of people masturbate on a regular basis.

New study shows 16 percent of people have slept with their bossGoogle Images