On Wednesday, October 3, "Sex and the City" superstar Sarah Jessica Parker took a visit to the Irish enclave of McLean Avenue in Yonkers to stock up on Irish goodies, thrilling locals in the process.

Stars of this caliber are usually only spotted in Manhattan, so the little enclave in Yonkers that’s home to thousands of Irish emigrants was abuzz with excitement when the A-lister visited many of the local stores.

Parker, most famous for the iconic character she played in 'Sex and the City', Carrie Bradshaw, visited Eileen's Country Kitchen where she treated herself to a traditional Irish breakfast with beans, and some cookies, much to the surprise of onlookers. People in the restaurant said that she looked great, keeping up with her Carrie Bradshaw look.

The fashionista didn't want to make a scene and was polite and down-to-earth, said those who were there.

After eating her breakfast, Parkercalled into the Irish butcher's across the street and went into Dee's Deli next door to purchase some soda bread and Irish Tayto chips, where she told staff she would be back again to buy her Irish products.

The 47-year-old didn't want to cause a fuss on the avenue, so pictures were limited for star struck fans.

But one of the lucky locals who chatted with Parkerand got her to pose for a picture was Sex and the City fanatic and self-proclaimed diva of McLean Avenue, Robert Ryan.

Ryan got a call from a friend who was at Eileen's Country Kitchen whenParker was there.

"My boss drove me down the road so fast because I wanted to meet her. I met Kim Cattrall eight years ago and back then there were no cameras on phones so I missed out on a picture,” Ryan said.

“I literally arrived at the entrance of Eileen's and I was waiting on my two friends, Majella and Michelle.

As they arrived, Sarah walked out of Eileen's and I said, 'Sarah, I have to get a picture with you!'

“She replied, 'Okay, but let's make it quick as I'm running late and I have to pick my kids up from school.'

“She was nice enough to take a picture with me and she is actually prettier in real life. She was dressed in a casual but stylish way and she looked as fit as a fiddle. I felt like a beach whale beside her!”

One disappointed local girl did approach Parker as she walked down McLean Avenuealongside three women.

“I asked her nicely, ‘Sarah, do you mind taking a photo with me?’ She replied, 'Sorry I have to get into a car and collect my daughter, but don't worry, I'll be back!' What did she want me to do? Wait at Sunoco for a few weeks until she came back!,” the disappointed fan said.

“There wasn't even any car around and she didn't look in a hurry. I don't think it would have hurt her to get one picture with me. I must not have been glam enough," she laughed.

Parker shares her love for all things Irish with her actor husband, Matthew Broderick. The couple own a home in Kilcar, Co. Donegal where Broderick’s ancestors hail from.