Irish police are questioning a prison inmate after a severed horse’s head was thrown through the front window of his former girlfriend’s house.

A report in the Irish Independent says the man is in jail for threatening the woman after he claimed she had sold another horse without his permission.

The severed horse’s head was thrown through the window of a house in the west Dublin suburb of Mulhuddart.

Police believe the woman’s former boyfriend organized the stunt after he learned the woman is now pregnant with another man's child.

The report says associates of the jailed criminal killed the horse with a shotgun blast before cutting its head off with a saw.

The severed horse’s head was then thrown through a window of the Mulhuddart property.

The remainder of the horse carcass was found in a nearby park.

The report says the jealous prisoner grew angry when he found out about his former girlfriend’s new relationship.

A police spokesman said: “Our investigations into this case are ongoing and we would appeal for any witnesses to the incident, or who might have any knowledge about this horse to come forward to us.”