One person was hospitalized and several others sustained minor injuries after a United Airlines flight from the U.S. to Ireland hit severe turbulence during its descent into Dublin Airport.

The pilots also radioed they had hydraulic probems controlling the jet but it landed safely.

Seven passengers from UA23 were treated by medical staff and one passenger was taken to the hospital when the plane landed in Dublin airport shortly before 7am on Sunday, ABC reports.

"We hit a pretty bad downdraft and we have some passengers hurt so we need some ambulances to meet the flight," the pilot said to air traffic control after encountering the rough air, according to air traffic control audio.

The co-pilot added, "It might be as many as six or seven people so might need a couple of ambulances."

The flight left Newark airport in New Jersey with 129 passengers and eight crew on board.
A spokesperson from the airline confirmed they were conducting a review into what happened. He said the seatbelt sign was turned on during the turbulence.

A spokeswoman for the Dublin Airport Authority confirmed the plane had landed safely.