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The Irish Meteorological Service, Met Éireann, has once again issued a severe weather warning for most parts of Ireland, for Thursday evening.

Winds of up to 75mph with gusts of 87mph are predicted along with heavy rains. Warnings have been issued that structural damage to buildings will be likely along with very high seas on the Atlantic coasts.

Most of the country is already contending with surface water and fallen debris on the roads and the storm will become worse throughout the evening. In the area near Athenry, Galway, the road has been cleared of a number of fallen trees and is seriously flooded.

The Irish Road Safety Authority has also issued a warned to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to take care in the winds. They fear that vehicles may veer off course in the strong winds or that pedestrians or cyclists could be blown into the road by the stronger gusts. Also ferry and cargo boats hoping to cross to Britain have been cancelled due to the unsafe conditions on the Irish Sea.

Residents in County Clare are being urged to take precautionary steps as the River Shannon’s levels have increased significantly over the past two weeks and it has burst its banks in some places. Limerick City Council has erected flood barriers along O'Callaghan Strand and Clancy Strand to try to contain any flood waters

The Irish Coast Guard has warned people not go to exposed coastal areas, cliffs, piers, harbor walls, beaches, promenades or any coastal area as the weather conditions may make them treacherous.

The extent of the storm will not be apparent until high-tide at 10pm (local time). It is believed that these strong gales will blow over by Friday morning.

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Woman standing on the wall at Howth Harbour, Dublin