Carol Hawkins, former personal assistant to U2 bassist Adam Clayton, was driven from court to jail Friday to start her seven-year sentence for embezzling €2.8mill of Clayton’s money.

The prison vehicle that drove her, the Irish Independent reported, ironically had the security number U2.

Judge Patrick McCartan said that Hawkins’ attitude during the trial, especially what he said was her belief in her own entitlement to the embezzled funds, contributed to the sentence.

Hawkins maintained “a false belief in innocence,” even after her conviction, according to McCartan.

“These were crimes rooted in greed and nothing else,” McCartan said, adding that he believed that if offered the opportunity, Hawkings would commit similar crimes again.

Last week, Hawkins was unanimously convicted of all 181 counts of theft with which she was charged - totaling $3.5 million - after five hours of jury deliberation, IrishCentral previously reported.

In the sentencing yesterday, the judge ordered for proceeds from the sale of Hawkins’ New York apartment to go towards the $3.5 million owed to Clayton.

Ken Fogarty, barrister for the defense, said that Hawkins herself intends to pay back the money, and reminded the court that Hawkins has only a high-school education.

He also said that Hawkins has no money “squirrelled away” for after her prison sentence ends, according to the Independent.

Defense lawyers in the trial argued that Hawkins was entitled to the money she transferred from Clayton’s account into her own, using her powers as trusted co-signatory, as Hawkins then purchased things for Clayton.

Carol Hawkins (left), the former personal assistant of U2 bassist Adam Clayton, was convicted of embezzling $3.5 million (€2.8m) from her employer over a four-year period.