We are still receiving requests from residents out in the Rockaways for help with the rebuilding of their homes after hurricane Sandy. If any qualified tradespeople (carpenters, plumbers, painters, etc) are available to help for a day or two, please call us at 914-237-5121.

A few days of your time would mean so much to these people after all they have had to endure over the past three months. Don't forget next weekend is President's Day Weekend so you will have an extra day available to lend a hand.

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Attached is a picture that used to be somebody’s kitchen and is a typical example of what so many homes look like in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. Like so many others, the people who own this home and pay a mortgage on it, have not been able to live there since October. 

They have been forced to pay rent as well as their mortgage while their home is being rebuilt. The trouble is they have run out of money to complete the work needed to make their home livable once again, and are pleading for volunteer help.

Órla Kelleher, Executive Director of the Aisling Irish Center in New York

The Rockaways: Several Irish neighborhoods still require volunteersHandout