A stunning Canadian beauty has blown the lid on her affair with US secret service agent Arthur Huntingdon during President Barack Obama’s Irish visit.

The Irish Sun newspaper has carried an exclusive interview with Cheryl Visser, the brunette wooed by notorious love rat Huntingdon during the Obama tour in 2011.

The 42-year-old single mum told the paper how Huntingdon first approached her in a Dublin bar 24 hours before he made his move at the famous Copperface Jacks nightclub.

She revealed that he ‘bragged’ to her about his top-secret job guarding the US President and ‘flashed’ his official ID badge in the nightclub in a desperate bid to get her phone number.

Huntingdon also established a bogus email account to remain in contact with Cheryl while he was abroad on official duty but went to ground when the scandal broke and refused to return calls or emails.

Now Huntingdon is at the centre of a Washington sex scandal amid allegations that agency officials had sex with hookers while on duty.

“He first approached me with the line ‘You’re not getting away from me tonight’ then entered his number into my phone,” confirmed Visser.

“He repeatedly claimed he was single and there was no reason on earth for me to doubt the claims.”

The Canadian, back in Dublin at the weekend, only discovered Huntingdon was married with kids after he was accused of stiffing a prostitute over an US$800 bill while on duty in Colombia.

She then contacted ‘a relative of the beefcake’ who confirmed the affair and ‘apologised’ on behalf of her sibling, according to the report.

Cheryl said: “I feel so sorry for his wife but the fact is this guy is an accomplished liar.

“He said he was divorced and gave out about his ‘ex’ wife so many times that I had no reason to question what he told me.

“Some people think what a secret agent does in his personal life is his own business but I don’t buy into that. This guy is responsible for the President of the United States and he’s going around picking up girls in nightclubs and flashing his badge? Give me a break.

“We actually saw one another the night before at a bar on the quays, but then I saw him again the following night when he approached me on the stairs.

“We’d made eye-contact the night before when I was walking past so I knew he was interested when he approached me. He’s an extremely fit guy and he stood out from the crowd.

“He stopped me on the stairs and said, ‘You’re not getting away from me tonight’ and insisted I take his number. He actually punched the digits into my phone himself.

“Art didn’t use a fake name. He told me he was here for the President’s trip and even showed me his documentation. I think he was disappointed that I wasn’t more impressed.”

Visser revealed how the pair started their relationship that summer. She said: “We stayed in contact and arranged to meet in New York that August.

“We weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend but we were dating and I liked him. We had a great time. We even had a drink in an Irish bar because that’s where we’d met.”

When the sex scandal broke and Cheryl discovered the bodyguard was married for more than 20 years.

“I was like, ‘Are you f*****g kidding me?’ One of my girlfriends asked had I heard about the secret service sex scandal and I was like, ‘Arthur’s in Colombia’, but I was convinced it couldn’t have been him,” she added.

“But then within days it was all over the news. I felt ashamed and stupid but at the same time, there was no way I could have known.

“He gave me his real name, his real job and his story added up. What else was I supposed to think?”

US secret service agent Arthur Huntingdon