The former Secret Service Agent at the heart of the Columbian sex scandal also seduced a woman in a Dublin bar after lying about his marital status, the New York Daily News reports.

Arthur Huntington, a married father of two, picked up the woman in Ireland in May when he was assigned to protect the president, after he met her at the Dublin nightclub Copper Face Jacks.

The woman, who was from Canada, said he lied to her about being married in order to get her into bed. She described in detail how the 41-year-old Huntington seduced her.

The 42-year-old Canadian who spoke to the Daily News on the condition of anonymity, said the Obama aide’s opening line was: “You’re not getting away from me tonight’ ” .

Far from being a single man, the disgraced secret service agent lived with his wife Jolie and two sons in suburban Maryland.

The agent continued to contact the woman and they later shared a two-day affair in Manhattan. It was only when details emerged about the Columbian sex scandal that she realized she has been duped.

After learning the truth, the woman said, “I was screaming. . . I was in disbelief. I couldn’t sleep that night. Then I started to read stuff that he was married, living in Maryland with his kids. You have no idea how I felt. I felt sick.”

“Why is it the President is the only one that should have morals?” she said. “The people that are protecting him should be mindful of what they are doing.”

“I feel used. He actively pursued me while he was married — and not only me. How many more others?”

She said there was an instant attraction between her and the agent at Copper Face Jacks.

She described the bar as loud and dark, “We just started talking and we went downstairs,” she said.

“He’s stunning,” recalled  the Canadian, “He’s a gorgeous guy. There were a whole group of them, not just him. He was the only one that stood out. He’s super fit and so am I.”

“I don’t even think the drink came yet and he said, ‘Do you have your phone? I want you to take my number.’ ” He grabbed the mobile to punch in his digits.

After the Copper’s encounter they shared a taxi and a good night kiss.

For their second rendezvous they met in New York City, she described their two days in Manhattan as “amazing”.

After meeting for dinner, they returned to his room at the Marriott East Side on Lexington Ave. at E. 49th St. for a night of passion.

In April a Secret Service sex scandal scandal erupted after a 24-year-old Colunbian hooker said Huntington had paid her for sex at at the swank Hotel Caribe, where he was staying on official business.

The question of presidential security on Obama’s Irish trip will undoubtedly be raised by U.S. authorities.

Neighbors offer clues to Secret Service agent's life: