Secret files from 1968-1979 about Northern Irish policy on education, politics, and security have recently been made freely available online.

This week, the public now has access to the once secret files following efforts made at the Magee campus by the University of Ulster and the Public Record Office (PRO) of Northern Ireland.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that the files are available for viewing via University of Ulster’s Conflict Archive on the INternet (CAIN) website, which is The files are now made public since being cleared for the 30 year rule, which establishes a time frame of how long official documents are kept private.


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The records are said to “provide a valuable online digital resource for researchers looking for information on the Troubles and politics of Northern Ireland during this period.”

The official launch of the online records was led by Sir Kenneth Bloomfield, former head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, at an event at The Great Hall, Magee. Included in the records are part of the period he served as a senior Government official, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

Deputy director of the Magee-based CAIN, Dr. Brendan Lynn, said: “We have been delighted to cooperate with PRONI in order to add to and supplement the existing resources on CAIN.”