NYPD Detective Kevin Herlihy was shot on Tuesday while in pursuit of a suspect in Harlem. He is the second Irish American cop shot in New York in the last month.

Herlihy has been released from hospital. He told CBS that he “feels lucky” that he’s survived and is looking forward to wishing his wife Happy Valentine’s Day. The NYPD detective was greeted by applauding officers outside the New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia University Medical Center on Wednesday.

Police Commission Ray Kelly praised his bravery he said “He not only survived but was able to stop his assailant from shooting anyone else. I want to thank the doctors and staff here for their excellent care of Detective Herlihy and for their dedication to the community at large.”

Officials said Herlihy and his team refused to let a dangerous suspect escape

Speaking to NY1 Kelly said “This was an example of teamwork, outstanding police work and combined sophisticated tracking efforts and something much harder to quantify, and that is good old-fashioned courage."

Speaking to the New York Daily News at his Long Island home Herlihy said “Thank you for all the support…I just want to spend time with my family.

“I am relieved that I’m alive.”

The 21-year NYPD veteran was greeted by a crowd of 60 police officers who applauded as he left the hospital.

His wife Adrienne told the New York Post “First I was worried. It is amazing what he did. We will be happy to have him back. You know considering what happened he has done very well."

Herlihy is the second Irish American NYPD cop, who lives in Long Island, who was shot in the line of duty in the last month. On 31st January Kevin Brennan was shot in the head at point-blank range. Miraculously he was released from hospital 11 days after the incident and is now resting at home.

On Tuesday afternoon Herlihy and his fellow officers were following Michael McBride (52) at the 145th Street in Hamilton Heights. He was shot in the arm while exchanging fire with McBride. The assailant was shot, in the chest, and killed.

The police wanted to question McBride in connection to the shooting of his girlfriend’s daughter on Monday in Queens. He was being tracked by the Queens Warrant Felony Squad.

Police said he was wanted for questioning in connection with the shooting of his girlfriend’s daughter the day before in Queens and was being tracked by the Queens Warrant Felony Squad.

Kelly told the press McBride was a paroled felon. He had visited his girlfriend’s home on Monday where he argued with her 25-year-old daughter. McBride shot her in the head and fled the scene. The woman is listed as in very critical condition at North Shore University Hospital.

NYPD Detective Kevin Herlihy leaving hospitalNY Daily News