Richard Murphy, the Russian spy who used a false Iirsh passport on a February trip to Russia in the name of Eunan Doherty may also have used a similar Irish passport  to enter America in the mid 1990s according to law enforcement sources.

Though he claimed to have been born in Philadelphia, sources say he is actually a Russian native who came to the country in order to infiltrate the power structure.Neighbors in Montclair New Jersey say he spoke with a distinct foreign accent. 'We don't know what his real name is we may never do" said one law enforcement official who spoke to IrishCentral.

Law enforcement sources believe that his wife Cynthia Murphy was by far the better connected of the two and that Richard Murphy appeared to operate mostly from home .

She worked with a financial planning company in Manhattan where one of the company  clients was Alan Patricof, a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. Patricof believes he is the person referred to in dispatches back to Russia who has a senior position in the Democratic Party. However he says he never had any conversations other than about tax matters with Cynthia Murphy.

Meanwhile a portrait of the activities of the 'Irish' couple by neighbors shows some strange patterns for spies who were allegedly bent on infiltrating the top echelons of American society.

Richard seemed to rarely leave the house  unless walking the couple’s daughters — Lisa, 7, and Kate, 11 — to a nearby school bus stop, and the couple continuously changed their stories as to where they were from several neighbors said.

“If his job was to cultivate relationships … he was anti-social,” said one neighbor, Chris Manthey.

A neighbor Lisa Kalb Schaffer, said Cynthia Murphy claimed they came from Toronto but did not recognize  the name of a prominent suburb there where Schaffer had a relative..

“It’s like saying … if you live in Manhattan you never heard of New Rochelle, Bridgeport, Hoboken,” Schaffer told the Newark Star Ledger . “She claimed they were from Toronto, and apparently they told neighbors they were from other places, so that doesn’t make a good spy, does it? It’s just stupid. If you’re a spy, that’s Spy 101. Get your stories straight. ”

“She was the kind of person that would go up to you and say hello or remember your name,” said Chris Delaney, who lives across the street. “I said hello to him a few times, and he just turned his head.”

“If you were to look at everybody, she’d be the last person you’d suspect,” said Elizabeth Lapin,  “She had a kindness and sweetness about her.”

The Murphys and nine others are charged with conspiring to act as unlawful agents for Russia in the United States, and conspiracy to commit money laundering.They could face up to twenty years in prison.

"The real tragedy here is their two adorable kids said one neighbor."What is going to happen to them?"

Richard and Cynthia Murphy, Russian spies, used Irish passports