Fox News’ Sean Hannity has no doubt who the victim is in the controversial Trayvon Martin trial: it’s George Zimmerman.

According to Hannity, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and its Washington Bureau Director Hilary Shelton simply want to blight the life of the just acquitted Florida man

Because the NAACP is advocating for civil rights charges against Zimmerman after he was found not guilty by a jury, Hannity said it sounded ‘like people that disagree with the verdict are being sore losers and now want to make this guy’s life a living hell.’

In response to Hannity’s characterization, Shelton lamented Florida’s ‘very faulty self-defense policy.’

But Hannity apparently seemed to see a racial component guiding Shelton’s outrage and to make his point he pressed his guest to name ‘one person by name’ who died in Chicago during the Zimmerman trial.

Shelton dismissed the question as an unrelated ‘talking point.’

According to the Blaze, Hannity argued that Zimmerman was within his legal right to use deadly force because evidence showed that 17-year-old Trayvon Martin had gotten on top of him. But Shelton maintained that Zimmerman had stalked Martin against the explicit advice of law enforcement and had no right to intervene as a self-appointed community watchman.

‘You’re like Chris Matthews!’ Hannity countered, accusing his guest of ignoring the evidence of the beating Zimmerman received.

In Chicago, Hannity later explained, 61 people were killed during the Zimmerman trial.

‘Can you name one person by name that died in Chicago?’ Hannity asked.

‘I cannot,’ Shelton replied. ‘I appreciate this talking point.’

‘It’s not a talking point,’ Hannity fired back.

He went on to cite the ‘epidemic’ proportions of black-on-black crime in Chicago and asked Shelton why he and the NAACP don’t focus more on that problem.

‘I wish you were a member of the NAACP and knew as much about us as you think you do,’ Shelton replied, adding that the organization has been focused on the murder of African-Americans from the beginning.

‘You don’t know the name of one of them,’ Hannity noted.